Looking for Interpreters?

Looking for interpreters?

Try the following:

1) Get a copy of the LGBT Queer Friendly Interpreter list – Queer Interpreters List REVISED APRIL 24 2013

2) Canadian Hearing Society – Ontario Interpreting Services at chs.ca.

CHS Toronto – Interpreting Services
(416) 928 2520 Phone
(877) 215 9530 TTY Toll Free
(416) 928 2523 Fax

3) George Brown College Student Referral Services at: gbcstudentreferral@gmail.com


Event Organizers: Please confirm that you have ASL interpreters BEFORE posting publicly. If you wish to post publicly but have not secured ASL interpreters, state that ASL interpretation is PENDING and keep the community posted with regular updates.


1. Ontario Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf are not responsible for booking interpreters. They can only refer you to Queer & Trans Friendly Interpreters.

2. If a Deaf person or a Deaf group has requested interpreters, please ask them if they have any preferences for which interpreters they’d like for the event.  Once you have their preference, then you can book the appropriate interpreters.

3. It is strongly advised not to book ASL interpreters from MCIS (Multicultural Interpreting Services) as the interpreters are not certified under AVLIC (Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada). Members of AVLIC follow the interpreting code of ethics.

It is very important to note that event organizers need to allow ample time to book interpreters.  Book at least two weeks in advance for small events and  at least two to three months in advance for larger scale events.