Dyke March

When: Saturday, June 28th, 2014, 12:30 PM

Where: Rally in Allan Gardens (Jarvis & Carlton)

Sign-making in Allan Gardens 12:30PM - Rally at 1PM – March at 2PM

The Dyke March is one of Toronto’s most iconic Pride events, and ORAD will be there in full support! The Dyke March is a grassroots event where women and Trans* people in Queer communities take over the streets of Toronto. The Dyke March is not a parade – it is a political demonstration of critical mass; a moment seized to revel in the strength, diversity and passion of Queer women and Trans* folks.

To join in, simply show up to the Rally location at Allan Gardens. ORAD will be there starting at 12:30 for the sign making.

Can’t come early to make a sign? That’s okay! You can make one earlier in the week at the ORAD Signing HQ and bring it to the Dyke March on Saturday.

Questions: pride@orad.ca

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From the official Dyke March webpage:

Our goal is a Dyke March that welcomes all self-identified dykes and keeps the focus on dyke experiences – this includes the experiences of all lesbian, bi, and queer women, as well as Two Spirit, trans, and gender-variant dykes from across the spectrum. If you identify anywhere within the dyke spectrum, you can join the Dyke March. Joining the March is free and you just need to show up to march.

If marching with a non-dyke-identified person improves your experience, we encourage you to invite them to march with you.  We know how important having our children, friends, partners, parents, and other allies around us can be, and we want you to have the best March experience possible. Ultimately, we want dykes calling the shots.

If you are an ally who hasn’t been invited to march with a dyke, but still want to participate, don’t worry – we have a role for you! Help us make sure dyke voices and experiences are at the centre of Dyke Day. Ask us about our Ally Project, or come cheer us on from the sidewalks! Having you cheer us on is one of the best parts of the March!

Learn more about the Dyke March on the WorldPride 2014 website.